ADA-10 Digital Door Strike Control Module

The ADA-10 receiver module is used in applications where secure control of remote loads such as door strikes are required. Up to 16 ADA-10 receivers can be multidropped from one card reader. The sender in the card reader encodes the control information into a digital data stream which is decoded by the ADA-10 modules. Each module must recognize its unique address before switching its electrical load. Up to 16 unique addresses are sent to the ADA-10 receivers.
In most access control systems the wiring between the door strike and the card reader controller is vulnerable to attack. An intruder need only apply a voltage or ground at this point to control the strike. The ADA-10 prevents control of the door in this fashion, since an encoded digital signal is required to control the strike. A requirement of UL 294 states that even in the event of a physical attack on the card reader, exposing internal wiring, an intruder cannot control the strike by access to the internal card reader wiring. The ADA-10 can be mounted in a protected area near the strike with only the digital encoded signal going to the strike location. Thus control of the strike is removed from the reader and protected between the access controller and the strike. The design of the ADA-10 module allows easy retrofit of existing installations. The units are sealed, potted and take very little space. The receiver can be mounted in the door frame behind or adjacent to the door strike. The unit address for the receiver is field configurable by use of jumpers extended from the potted unit.
  • Digital secured control from reader or controller to door strike
  • Signal is decoded at strike/Simple installation
  • Up to 16 unique addresses are decoded by the ADA-10 receiver
  • Digital receiver mounts behind the strike
  • Potted and hermetically sealed unit for reliable and intrinsically safe operation
  • Low cost/Low power/Occupies little space
  • Sender is built into card readers
  • Sender output communications link has a high noise immunity using a continuous digital data stream
  • Sender to receiver can be up to 1000 feet (300 m.)
  • Single pair twisted cable 20-22 AWG
  • Receiver is jumper selectable for 12 or 24 Vdc
  • Operates off door strike supply
  • Receiver input is optically isolated
  • Fail safe operation (in absence of valid data, output is forced to OFF)
  • Receiver is protected against reverse voltage
  • Receiver output switch supports up to 2 A at 24 Vdc continuous operation
  • Receiver output load can be resistive or inductive
  • No external diode is required if load (strike) is located 6 inches or less from ADA-10
  • External dimensions of the ADA-10 receiver are: 3.75W x 1.5H x 0.6D (inches)

The ADA-10 module is intended for applications where secure control of a remote electrical load, such as a door strike, is requried. The card reader encodes the output control information into a digital data stream, which the ADA-10 must decode before switching the load.

SENDER (Built into the card readers):
  • Output: Continuous digital data stream, current loop
  • Distance to receiver: Up to 1000 feet (300m)
  • Cable: Single twisted pair, 20-22 AWG
  • Power: 12 or 24 Vdc @ 50mA (max)
  • Input: Optically isolated, digital data stream from ADA sender
  • Fail safe: Output is forced to ‘OFF’ in the absence of valid data
  • Output switch rating: 2A @ 24 Vdc continuous
  • Load: Resistive or inductive. No external diode is required if the load (strike) is located less than 6 in. (15 cm) from the receiver.