ENI-100 Network Interface For Apollo Access Control Systems

The ENI-100 is a network interface module that allows interconnectivity of alarm panels and field devices over Ethernet networks. This allows supplementation or replacement of standard RS-485 communication lines in order to increase distance limitations or to reduce site wiring. The ENI-100 is part of the AAN-4N standalone controller, or can be mounted to many Apollo hardware devices by utilizing the 12-pin connector on the bottom of the unit. ENI-100 derives power from the unit to which it is connected, device is also integrated into the ANI-100 network interface that provides network host connectivity for AAN series controllers The ENI-100 utilizes optional 256-bit AES Rijndael encryption so that all communication between devices (and thus between Access Control and Alarm Monitoring devices) is protected from monitoring or tampering from outside sources.

  • 256-bit AES Rijndael encryption
  • UDP Communication - reduces network bandwidth usage and eliminates broadcasts
  • Configuration via on-board web page or Telnet server
  • Advanced security features
Further information
Download this file (eni-100_datasheet_ver3.pdf)ENI-100 Datasheet[ ]662 kB